In the Chemical sector the products covered are Phenyls, liquid soaps, bleaching powder, raw agarbathi and perfumed agarbathi


The usage of incense sticks / agarbathies has been a part and parcel and is woven in the fabric of India. From time immemorial incense sticks / agarbathies has always been used on all and every occasions be it religious or an occasion for joy or sorrow.

In vedic times, incense sticks / agarbathies were not only meant to symbolize an occasion or an important event but also used to lend fragrance to the air we breathe as well as to induce a state of mind conducive for the physical and mental well being of the person inhaling the fragrance emitted by the incense sticks / agarbathies.

Raw Agarbathi sticks: Raw Agarbathies are produced in 211 production units across five districts (Dakshina Kannada, Udupi, North Canara, Shimoga, and Chickmagalore). Totally around 4247 SHG members work here to produce 50 tons of Raw Agarbathi per month. The raw agarbathies are distributed to some of the well known companies in agarbathi industry.

Perfumed Agarbathi: The perfumed agarbathi section has total of 7 production units where about 80 SHG members work here to produce 15 varieties of perfumed agarbathies.

Necessary Trainings and the raw materials for production are provided by SIRI.