In the Food Sector, the company provides infrastructure and marketing support for the following products:-


The life of every Indian meal. Those tasty morsels of vegetable/fruit drenched in oil and suffused with spices.

In India as early as the Vedic times, salt, vinegar, jaggery, honey, asafoetida and tamarind were used for preserving and adding taste to foods as the importance was always on maintenance of good health through a well adjusted diet.

The art of pickling has raised culinary art to such a high level of sophistication that it has acquired an exotic, almost legendary reputation. One aspect of pickling is the great variety and range it offers for all seasons and occasions. This is made possible because of the tremendous variety of fruits and vegetables to choose from

Various kinds of pickles are produced in 2 production unit where 10 SHG members are working to produce about 4 tons of pickles per month.

The Training for this production is given by Central Food Technology Research Institute (CFTRI),

This product is licensed under FPO (A Govt. of India organization), and SIRI has well equipped laboratory to check the quality of the product from time to time.


Fruits are an important source of energy. However their availability is seasonal and they are perishable. Hence, they need to be processed and preserved which also results in value-addition. India is endowed with many varieties of fruits. Squashes can be made from these seasonal fruits. 1 SHG has taken up this activity which produces 4 tons of squashes a month.

The Training for this production is given by Central Food Technology for Research Institute (CFTRI).

A full fledged laboratory is established to check the quality of the product.This product is licensed under FPO (A Govt. of India organization)


Indian cuisine boasts of a wide array of savories ranging from simple plaintain chips to the irresistible samosa. Every region of India be it North or South, East or West ,has its own range of traditional savories which can be nibbled on any time of the day and make great accompaniments with coffee, tea or beverages/juices

Various kinds of confectionaries are produced in Siri where 22 production units spread across Dakshina Kannada district where 100 members work.

The training to these members was given by the local delicacy manufacturers. Strict Quality Control is enforced through a quality control officer to ensure Hygienic products.